High TechBar Blogger Template

High TechBar Blogger Template


Template Name: High TechBar Template

Platform: Blogger / Blogspot

Author : www.zmtemplates.com

Designer : ZM Templates


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High TechBar is a Free Blogger Theme/Template for Blogs, Business, News PR Bloging, portfolio, and Prodents  Blogs Plus Etc. High TechBar advanced and modern standards design. This Template is also works smoothly on each and every platform. Used (H1, H2, H3) heading tags that play quite significant role in SEO Best High Search engine optimization. Enjoy your new High TechBar Template.


  1. Auto Thumb & Read More: This template also has automatic thumbnail and read more button generation functionality. It would somehow lessen your stress of manually adding Jump break.
  2. SEO Friendly: This Blogger Template is SEO-friendly because it is pre-optimized for Search engines. According to Google Page speed it has obtained 92 score out of 100 which is indeed overwhelming for SEO.
  3. Breadcrumbs: Another miraculous widget we have in this template is Breadcrumbs for humans. It has nothing to do with SEO. The breadcrumbs would only display parent categories of the article so users can easily search your site in depth.
  4. Custom Background: Unlike other themes, it has custom Sticky Background which gives it a fashionable look. However, anyone can change it according to his desire needs (On the DEMO Scroll down the page and see the background floating on your screen.
  5. Design: It has responsive design that supports different resolutions i.e. iPad, iPod, Android and etc. (Try resizing the page of your browser and see the magic).

How To Customize Menu Bar?

To Edit/Change the Menu bar just go to Blogger.com >> Your Site >> Template >> Edit HTML >> Proceed and in the template search for the following coding. (If you are unable to find the following coding then, look for similar one.

<nav class='main'>
<div class='menu-header-container'>

<li class='menu-item'><a href='/' title='Diffuser'><span class='nav_item'>Home</span></a></li>

<li class='menu-item'><a href='#' title='Music News'><span class='nav_item'>News</span></a></li>

<li class='menu-item'><a href='#' title='Top 10 Lists and More'><span class='nav_item'>Features</span></a></li>

<li class='menu-item'><a href='#' title='Songs'><span class='nav_item'>Songs</span></a></li>

<li class='menu-item'><a href='#' title='Videos'><span class='nav_item'>Videos</span></a></li>

<li class='menu-item'><a href='#' title='Free Music Downloads'><span class='nav_item'>Free Music Downloads</span></a></li>

<li class='menu-item'><a href='#' title='Interviews'><span class='nav_item'>Q+A</span></a></li>


Social Buttons Customize?

<div class='social_icons size_24'>
<a class='share_link facebook' href='http://www.facebook.com/ZMTemplates' target='_blank' title='Follow on facebook'><span class='social_icon'>follow on facebook</span></a>

<a class='share_link twitter' href='http://twitter.com' target='_blank' title='Follow on Twitter'><span class='social_icon'>follow on Twitter</span></a>

<a class='tip-us' href='#'>Tip Us</a>



Hey EveryOne! The Guy behind this web is called "Zain Masood". I am 22 years old now. Currently, I can speak 2 Languages, Urdu, English. By Profession I'm a Web Designer, Computer Expert,Blogger and SEO Optimizer.

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