Sora Gag Blogger Template

Sora Gag Blogger Template, Sora Gag is a awesome for pictorial related blogs. It is having a awesome color scheme which is perfect for showcases memes and pictures and videos. We are sure after applying on blogger you would never turn back to your old template. Sora Gag blogger template is extremely lightweight, fast loaded, ajaxified and 100% social friendly. Elegant share buttons and meme search with embedded easy editable code makes it extremely easy for a beginner to customize the theme.

Sora Gag Blogger Template


Template Name: Sora Gag

Platform: Blogger / Blogspot

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Sora Gag Blogger Template:


Hey EveryOne! The Guy behind this web is called "Zain Masood". I am 22 years old now. Currently, I can speak 2 Languages, Urdu, English. By Profession I'm a Web Designer, Computer Expert,Blogger and SEO Optimizer.

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